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Sub-Zero - Action Figure Gallery

Series:Mortal Kombat (Jazwares)
Subseries:Series 1 - Deception
Manufacturer #:87001
Year Released:2005
Height:6.25 inches
UPC:6 81326 87001 2
Age Range:4 and Up
Genres:Video Games
Character Profiles:Sub-Zero
User Collections:2 Users
User Wishlists:2 Users

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Reviews of Sub-Zero
4.00 stars from Azrael
Alright, I'm a big Mortal Kombat guy, so I have a bunch of these figures. Sub Zero is the most radical. I've had 3 Sub Zeros, and the paint apps were differing on every one, so it's really hard to judge how those are, then again, this seems to be the case with all Jazwares figures. So moving on, Sub Zero's mold is pretty good. Dark and gritty, yet under the clothes, it's a comic book type build. I've always liked this costume, like a mix of Shredder and Classic Sub Zero... with sexy results! (inside joke) His sword is the same one he used in the game, awesome and made of ice. His hands are a fist and an open hand, which if he's not holding any thing gives you the ability to give him the ability to give you a THUMBS UP YEAH!!!! It's fun for . . . Read More
5.00 stars from hobbygoblin
Alright, to put it in as few words as possible, Sub-Zero is the best figure out of all of Jazwares Mortal Kombat figures, Deception and Shaolin Monks combined. His sculpt it flawless, and like the other figures, his paint varies, but for him it tends to be more good than bad. His accessory is always there. His Ice sword, it fits well in his hand, and unlike Scorpion's sword, this accessory is just as "cool" (lol I made an ice pun, eat it Schwarzennager) as his freeze prop from his special move. I had another one of these in considerably worse condition, and I was surprised to find that when you peel off the paint, his base is the same as his comic con exclusive Cold Snap figure. I think my only complaint is that without his sword in his han. . . Read More
Subseries from Mortal Kombat (Jazwares) Toy Series
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