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Prowler - Action Figure Gallery

Series:Spider-Man - Animated Series
Subseries:Series 4
Manufacturer:Toy Biz
Manufacturer #:47135
Year Released:1994
Height:5.00 inches
UPC:0 35112 47135 6
Age Range:5 and Up
Genres:Comics, Movies
Character Profiles:Prowler
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User Wishlists:2 Users

(Extending Claws)

Stalking the night on the lookout for evil-doers is the shadowy figure called the Prowler! For his identity as the Prowler, Hobie Brown developed special wrist and boot launchers. These devcies perform a variety of functions, such as firing energy blasts at enemies or shooting a grappling line for quick getaways. In addition, the Prowler's special gloves are tipped with deadly, razor sharp claws. Despite his sinister appearance, the Prowler is actually one of Spider-Man's staunchest allies in his battle against crime.
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4.00 stars from Dr Nightmare
The Prowler is yet another, fine creation from the Spiderman figures.

Prowler is just beautiful. His suit is mainly green with a lavendar cape, mask, boots and guantlets. His cape is removable and he comes with a collector's pin. When I first saw Prowler, the picture on his packaging caught my eye. He's shown in a crouching position with his razor-claws lashing out. Whoa!! This guy has claws!! So I looked at the figure's claws...and well, they aren't exactly the lethal weapons they seem to be on the packaging...Toy Biz decided to make his claws be able to retract and spring out. A great idea, but they botched the job. The "claws" look more like lavendar toothpics...I'm not saying they are horrible eyesoars, oh no, far from it, I'm just s. . . Read More
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