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Reggie Bush - Action Figure Gallery

Name:Reggie Bush
Series:McFarlane's Sports Picks - NFL
Subseries:3" Figures - Series 5
Year Released:2007

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Reviews of Shocker
4.00 stars from hobbygoblin
Shocker is a character who a lot of people tend to make fun of due to the fact that he looks like he's wearing a quilt. I'm sonebody who has always liked his costume and always will. This figure is definitely a great one, but there are a few quirks, though I'll start with the good. His sculpt is great, the likeness is perfect and the paint apps are just as good. He's probably the best Shocker figure we have, and will be the best one we get for while. Whelp, on to the bad things. Because he has missles, his arms don't bend, which is one reason I don't like missle launching arms, luckily they're casted ina way that allows for cool Shocker like posing. While youu may not know, Shocker was supposed to be called Vibrator, until somebody pointed. . . Read More
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