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Terrell Owens 2 - Action Figure Gallery

Name:Terrell Owens 2
Series:McFarlane's Sports Picks - NFL
Subseries:3" Figures - Series 5
Year Released:2007

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Reviews of Toxin
1.75 stars from Vash_15
Toxin is one of the lesser known symbiotes of the Marvel universe and with this being the only figure he's going to have for a long while, they should have been smart enough to get it right. They weren't. Toxin's got great paint apps, in fact, they're probably the best part of the figure, but the sculpt is the cause of most of his faults. His hands are huge, and I mean HUGE, bigger than the hands you'll find on any Venom or Carnage. His shoulders are big to the point where his arms can't go down, and one leg seems to be bigger than the other, you can't see it, but when you try to pose it, it gets a bit difficult. Toxin is a character with two different appearances, the one in this figure which is quite beastly, and one that's a lot slimmer . . . Read More
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