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Tele-Viper - Action Figure Gallery

Series:G.I. Joe - Valor vs Venom
Subseries:Basic Figures
Manufacturer #:6113
Year Released:2004
Height:3.75 inches
Age Range:5 and Up
Genres:Cartoons, Military
Character Profiles:Tele-Viper

TELE-VIPER troops are the radio and satellite communications specialists of the COBRA legions. The micro-miniaturized equipment built into their helmets and web gear includes a high-speed burst microwave transceiver, VHF and laser signal units, a random series digital encryption module, third generation passive jamming devices, a GPS receiver, a voice synthesizer, and an FM receiver with automatic frequency control. All high-end COBRA command personnel have a TELE-VIPER trooper assigned to them as their personal link to headquarters and as bodyguards. Each TELE-VIPER trooper carries a multi-shot grenade launcher and a suppressed sub-machine gun as well as all his communications equipment, which means that even while he is calling down and air strike he can be laying down his own cover fire. It is suspected that off-duty TELE-VIPER troopers are employed by COBRA as telemarketers to sell pirated technology.

"Half of our job is to provide clear communications up and down the COBRA chain of command. The other half of our job is to degrade or completely jam all G. I. JOE communications!"
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Subseries from G.I. Joe - Valor vs Venom Toy Series
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