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Flash & Kid Flash - Action Figure Gallery

Silver Age Basic Figures Flash & Kid Flash
Name:Flash & Kid Flash
Series:Silver Age
Subseries:Basic Figures
Manufacturer:DC Direct
Year Released:1998
Character Profiles:Flash, Kid Flash

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5.00 stars from Collector1
(Barry Allen Flash)

Remembered as one of the greatest hero's in superhuman community before his tragic death during a great crisis, Barry Allen was the second man to use the mantel of the Scarlet Speedster. Inspired by the comic book adventures of his childhood hero, Jay Garrick, after gaining the powers of super speed, Barry modeled his costume and name after him and sought to create his own heroic legacy.

Barry Allen has the ability to move his very molecular structure at super speeds, allowing him to phase through objects such a bullets even when fired at point blank range, and run fast enough to break the time barrier and when aided by the cosmic treadmill, venture into other dimensions as well.

Barry Allen's costume is simple as it. . . Read More
3.50 stars from Collector1
(Kid Flash)

Wally West, Barry Allen's nephew, was granted The Flash's powers after the accident that created Barry's was repeated. Wally doned a smaller duplicate of Barry's costume and became his young sidekick, Kid Flash!

Having all of Barry's power, but less precise control over them, Kid Flash hopes to one day become as great as his mentor.

Kid Flash comes as essentially a smaller clone of Barry Allen but with a slightly more bunched up appearance at the belt. The coloring is identical to Barry's. However, the paint it rather faded on the rear of his belt and looks kind of chipped at the chest symbol. This of course will very from figure to figure.

Kid Flash has the same amount of articulation as Barry Allen, so what you can pull o. . . Read More
Subseries from Silver Age Toy Series
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