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Thing (Stomp 'N Clober) - Action Figure Gallery

Fantastic Four - Movie Series 1 Thing (Stomp 'N Clober)
Name:Thing (Stomp 'N Clober)
Series:Fantastic Four - Movie
Subseries:Series 1
Manufacturer:Toy Biz
Manufacturer #:72211
Year Released:2005
Height:7.00 inches
Age Range:4 and Up
Genres:Comics, Movies
Actors:Michael Chiklis
Character Profiles:Thing
User Collections:1 Users

(with Electronic Sound Effects)
Includes 3 AG13 button cell batteries

Ben Grimm grew up on the mean streets of New York and looked for any possible way to get out. Thanks to a football scholarship to a leading university, he did. In college, Ben met the brilliant Reed Richards. Reed took good-hearted Ben under his wing and helped him study; Ben protected his best friend, the science geek, from the local bullies. As Reed's first choice to pilot of his experimental space mission, Ben isn’t happy to end up co-pilot under former junior officer Johnny Storm. Although he’s an expert pilot, Johnny likes to joke and play pranks, especially on the old-fashioned Ben Grimm. The fateful accident in space turned Ben into The Thing—a superhuman, super strong creature with an irreversible orange-colored rocky exterior. After many tests Reed has yet to find a weight that The Thing can’t handle! Many people find him unsightly, but Ben struggles to maintain his sense of humor and honor – because under that tough exterior lies an ever-lovin’ heart of gold!
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Reviews of Thing (Stomp 'N Clober)
4.00 stars from Dr Nightmare
The Movie Thing is 7 inches of orange delight. This is my favorite Thing figure so far, if I can find the one with more poseability (sacrificing the sound effects) I'd have to buy that one too. The sound effects this one makes are addictive like Brawl's from the Leader-class figure from Transformers. Bet you can't stomp just once! The right hand and left foot can be slightly pressed and 2 different noises sound, sounds like crates breaking on the hand and a general WHAM! on the foot. I'm surprised that the articulation at the ankle and hand are NOT sacrificed! Even the boots still turn! But it is sacrificed at the shoulder and hip of those parts, which is worse I think. That's why I'd like the more articulated version as well. The paint on . . . Read More
Subseries from Fantastic Four - Movie Toy Series
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