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Prince Isildur - Action Figure Gallery

Name:Prince Isildur
Series:Lord of the Rings - Trilogy
Subseries:Fellowship of the Ring - Series 4
Manufacturer:Toy Biz
Year Released:2005
Height:6.00 inches
Age Range:5 and Up
Genres:Books, Movies
Actors:Harry Sinclair
User Collections:4 Users

The son of King Elendil, Isildur fought alongside his father in the Last Alliance of Elves and Men. When the King was slain by Sauron, and all hope seemed lost, Isildur took up his father's sword and struck at the Dark Lord. In so doing he sliced the Ring, the source of Sauron's power, from his hand, destroying his physical form and ending the War. Nevertheless, Isildur's greatest test yet stands before him. Having won it, will he now destroy the One Ring as Elrond counsels, or will he keep it and allow evil to endure?
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5.00 stars from Dorion Thurin
This figure is a very valuable replica of Isildur in the Prologue of the First Movie. It's one of my favorites and I believe it deserves a place in every LOTR collectioner's shelf.

In a typical Gondorian fashion his silver armor is decorated with highly detailed golden stars and wing-like crown, having a removable silver helmet with golden. Same colors count for his greaves. His sword features golden and red with red sheath. He comes with something like a red cape decorated with golden with a red belt made of soft nice material.

Unlike other figures of the series, Isildur is less poseable but conventionally movable allowing you to place him in multiple poses. Has no action button. In my opinion one of the finest of the figure series. A m. . . Read More
Subseries from Lord of the Rings - Trilogy Toy Series
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