Iron Man vs Mandarin (Green)
Marvel Legends (Toy Biz) Face Off Sets - Series 2 Iron Man vs Mandarin (Green)
Name:Iron Man vs Mandarin (Green)
Series:Marvel Legends (Toy Biz)
Subseries:Face Off Sets - Series 2
Manufacturer:Toy Biz
Year Released:2006
Character Profiles:Iron Man, Mandarin
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Reviews of Iron Man vs Mandarin (Green) Toy Series
4.00 stars from Dr Nightmare
There are hundreds of Iron Man suits, many of them outrageously designed, but I still like the simple suit he has for the Face-Off series. It's the only suit that looked like something a guy could actually wear without being laughed at. Tony stands 6 inches tall, which is in-scale with other ML figures, but maybe he should have been a little bit taller? 6.25 maybe? I mean, he is wearing a robotic suit after all! There just HAS to be some added height with that kind of gear on! The face-mask is removable but Tony's face don't look too hot. I recommend keeping it on, assuming you CAN keep it on because it doesn't fit neatly on his helmet, you've got to twist it around and wedge it in, and even then there are still some little gaps around the edges. The whole figure is cast in plain red...[See More]
3.00 stars from Dr Nightmare
Iron Man has to have the worst villains EVER. A guy with a bunch of rings that shoot stuff? Come on! Iron Man is a frikkin' tank that can fly! A little ring isn't going to do anything to him! If his enemies were the Green Lantern Corps, then you'd have a story! I can't give an exact estimate on Mandarin's size (because I scrapped him for parts before I reviewed him) but let's say around 6 inches to be safe. Overall, this is a sloppy figure. The paint is awful everywhere and he is prety much immobile because of the big rubber robe he wears. The robe is green with sloppily-painted yellow flames AND IT SMELLS BAD! As soon as I opened the package, like a punch on the nose came the awful stench of rancid plastic. It isn't removable either. The base body is a completely black Archangel body...[See More]
Subseries from Marvel Legends (Toy Biz) Toy Series
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