Bump-A-Riffic Stimpy
Ren and Stimpy (Mattel) Basic Series Bump-A-Riffic Stimpy
Name:Bump-A-Riffic Stimpy
Series:Ren and Stimpy (Mattel)
Subseries:Basic Series
Manufacturer #:65988
Year Released:1993
Genres:Cartoons, TV Series
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Nothing can interrupt Stimpy’s afternoon "Muddy Mudskipper" except perhaps a commercial for his favorite catbox filler "Gritty Kitty Litter." Stimpy can’t contain himself when he learns of a poem contest where the prize is a guest appearance on They Muddy Mudskipper Show. Stimpy gets right to work on his ‘ode to ‘Gritty Kitty,’ "Gritty Kitty aint’s so pretty, but it’s really thick…" He wins the contest, and takes Hollywood by storm! But in the end, he gives up his fame and fortune for true friendship and returns to his best buddy and pal Ren Hoek.
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Reviews of Bump-A-Riffic Stimpy Toy Series
3.00 stars from JakkNewman
Here we have the basic Stimpy figure of the bunch. Brightly colored like his cartoon counterpart, Stimpy here could've been a real winner...if only he wasn't wearing a sad expression his his face. Seriously how much worse could the sculptor for this figure miss the mark then making one of the most HAPPIEST and JOYOUS characters in the world of animation...unhappy and forlorn? To give the sculptor the benefit of the doubt, he could've reasoned that "Well hey Stimpy's action feature is a a protruding, red bump that appears on his cranium. He's obviously not going to be singing 'happy happy joy joy' about this." But if the sculptor did any of his homework, he'd know that Ren & Stimpy's creator John Kricfalusi clearly stated that "Stimpy only has one nerve ending in his entire body. He...[See More]
Subseries from Ren and Stimpy (Mattel) Toy Series
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User Comments
Despicableminion13 -
Sunday, October 13, 2013
Personaly I do not agree with the review. In my opinion I think that this figure is the best Stimpy figure made and the Mattel figures are the best line of figures made for The Ren and Stimpy Show even better than those of Palisades and Jazwares.
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