Mantor and Raplor
Sectaurs Basic Series Mantor and Raplor
Name:Mantor and Raplor
Subseries:Basic Series
Year Released:1984
Genres:Cartoons, Comics
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MANTOR: Unmatched expert of the martial arts, skilled in the wisdom of the Ancients! With RAPLOR: his cliff-climbing insectoid escape-artist!

Mantor is the wisest Sectaur and a master of Kai — Symbion’s deadliest martial art. He is Dargon's most trusted counselor. Behind Mantor's shining eyes lie many of Symbion’s deepest secrets. Raplor, his cliff-scaling companion, is shy but fiercely loyal. Raplor’s hidden hook-like appendage can pull Mantor out of danger — even up the steepest walls or cliffs.

Precision single-bolt crossbow
Venom-shooting Vengun
Strap-on holster
Heavy-duty battle-shield of tempered Skall

Chief Counselor for King Markor, sage advisor to many, Mantor confides in no one. His past and parentage are unknown. The wisdom he holds behind those burning eyes would be too much for most Sectaurs to bear.
Mantor is a master of Kai, the martial art from which all others spring; he is a member of that secret society known as the "Keepers of the Way." Chief among his powers is the ability (known as "The Seeing Eye") to induce trances — both in enemy warriors and in himself. Enemies are rendered immobile while under the trance-like state; Mantor himself can free his mind to travel unimpeded through matter and space.

Mantor is telebonded to Raplor, his devoted companion. Bred for the extra appendage he sports directly beneath his pincers, Raplor's prodigious climbing skills are perfect for scaling steep peaks — and for ensnaring Mantor's enemies.

Never far from Mantor, Raplor always tries to avoid closed spaces and daylight. Happiest in the shadows, he is the perfect companion for any mission which requires both speed and stealth.

Subseries from Sectaurs Toy Series
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