General Spidrax and SpiderFlyer
Sectaurs Basic Series General Spidrax and SpiderFlyer
Name:General Spidrax and SpiderFlyer
Subseries:Basic Series
Year Released:1984
Genres:Cartoons, Comics
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Spidrax is Dark Empress Devora's most brilliant military strategist. He has vowed to defeat Prince Dargon and destroy the Shining Realm of Prosperon! His weapon of choice is a poison-tipped Triceralon antenna, which Spidrax uses as a whip. Spiderflyer, Spidrax's fiendish accomplice, is never far from his master's side. In addition to terrifying strength, Spiderflyer's multiple eyes allow him to see in several directions at once. Will this evil genius triumph over Dargon?

Spidrax is cold, calculating, ruthless, and driven by an insatiable desire for power. He is all but totally devoid of any positive emotion. He’s dedicated to the service of God-Empress Devora, whose ambition is to seize control of all Symbion!

A master of combat weaponry, Spidrax prefers using the ancient Skall shield, and a venom-tipped whip fashioned from the antenna of the dreaded Triceralon (one of the most feared beasts on Symbion).

Spidrax is telebonded to Spiderflyer, who trusts no one but Spidrax himself. Like his master, Spiderflyer has multiple eyes (three of which are open at all times), and can see simultaneously in many different directions; it is all but impossible to creep up on him.

Spiderflyer's most valued asset — besides his great strength and powerful fangs — is his flammable, venom-coated web…which instantly renders any Sectaurs it touches comatose, and keeps them so until the web is removed.
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Subseries from Sectaurs Toy Series
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