Holiday Special (Spider-Man & Mary Jane)
Spider-Man Universe Spider-Man - Animated Series Exclusives Holiday Special (Spider-Man & Mary Jane)
Name:Holiday Special (Spider-Man & Mary Jane)
Series:Spider-Man - Animated Series
Manufacturer:Toy Biz
Manufacturer #:49061
Year Released:1997
Height:5 inches
Genres:Comics, Movies
Character Profiles:Mary Jane, Spider-Man
User Collections:2 Users

Peter Parker spends a lot of the time swinging from building to building, patrolling the streets as Spider-Man. But when the holidays come around, Spidey makes sure he’s home in time to spend them with his wife, Mary Jane. Spider-Man and Mary Jane celebrate the holidays like any normal couple, except that Spidey delivers the holiday gifts by swinging in through their apartment window!

Limited Edition (1 of 35,000 pieces made)
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2.00 stars from Dr Nightmare
I dislike writing negative reviews... Mary Jane. The mere mention of her name brings up images of fiery red hair, tight yellow sweatshirts, and of the mischevious beauty beyond belief...her tangible version begs to differ - BEGS to differ... Oh what joy!! I finally found a Mary Jane!! I never dreamed the day would come when I finally got to own the Lady of Lore, Mary Ja- wait a second...this...this isn't Mary Jane!! Aaahh!! What villain decided it would be a great idea to try and represent The Devine Mary Jane with this...this...imposter!! Oh for shame on the vile scum that sought to ruin Mary Jane's perfection with this horrid figure. Mary Jane is NOT as thin as this wiry impostor. Mary Jane is NOT frozen in a robotic position as this shameful attempt is. Mary Jane's hair does NOT...[See More]
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