Spider-Man (Spider-Sense)
Spider-Man - Animated Series Series 5 Spider-Man (Spider-Sense)
Name:Spider-Man (Spider-Sense)
Series:Spider-Man - Animated Series
Subseries:Series 5
Manufacturer:Toy Biz
Manufacturer #:47147
Year Released:1995
Height:5 inches
UPC:0 35112 47147 9
Age Range:5 & Up
Genres:Comics, Movies
Character Profiles:Spider-Man
User Collections:5 Users
User Wishlists:1 Users

(Wall Crawling Action!)

Perched on a ledge high above the city, Spider-Man’s "6th sense" begins to tingle – providing a split second warning that imminent danger looms behind him. Back-flipping with a speed and precision well beyond an Olympic athlete, Spider-Man turns to see the ledge blasted into airborne shrapnel thanks to the Scorpion’s thrashing tail! For on the day Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider, his life was changed forever. And although he gained super-human strength, amazing agility, and enhanced reflexes – it’s his uncanny spider-sense which alerts Spider-Man to the dangers of his adversaries – and benefits him the most!
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Reviews of Spider-Man (Spider-Sense) Toy Series
2.00 stars from SpidervenomX
Spider Sense Spider-Man is kinda a dud In my view. He stands at 5" tall and has ball joint hips , so his legs can do whatever a spider can , err however his arms are stuck in a bent position to look like hes crawling . Now then spider sense you think of the tripped out color vortex from the animated series and how his eyes glow a neon green . The body is just painted darker reds and blues and his eyes are painted that green. I dont know why but , I thought the eyes were glow in the dark or something . That isnt what gives him the 2 ** for me its his lack of articulation and the accessories . He comes with 1 web hook that clips on his wrist (hardly stays on ) and then this web line with 2 web hooks at the end of that , which again dont really stay on whatever they are hooked to, However I...[See More]
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