Spider-Man (Black Costume)
Spider-Man (Toy Biz) Classics - Series 1 Spider-Man (Black Costume)
Name:Spider-Man (Black Costume)
Series:Spider-Man (Toy Biz)
Subseries:Classics - Series 1
Manufacturer:Toy Biz
Manufacturer #:47089
Year Released:2000
Height:6 inches
Genres:Comics, Movies
Character Profiles:Spider-Man
User Collections:6 Users

(with 30 Points of Articulation & Collector Wall Mountable Display Stand!)

Spider-Man found a wondrous new black costume while fighting an epic battle called the Secret Wars. The costume could respond to his thoughts, take on the appearance of any type of clothing and even produce its own webbing. The web slinger wore this sleek black costume until he discovered that it was really an alien symbiote that was trying to permanently bond with him. Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four used a sonic blaster to sever the symbiote's connection with the web slinger and trapped it in a special container. Spidey wore a regular fabric version of this black costume until he had a confrontation with the escaped symbiote and its new host, Eddie Brock. Together they called themselves Venom. After narrowly defeating Venom, Spider-Man went back to wearing his traditional red and blue costume, so he wouldn't be reminded of his greatest enemy.
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Reviews of Spider-Man (Black Costume) Toy Series
4.50 stars from Collector1
After a battle against an army of super villains on an alien world left SPider-Man's costume in ruins, the web-slinger came into contact with a machine that produced a new, black costume that responded to his mental commands, shape shifting into any clothing he desired and it even created its own webbing! After returning to Earth along side the rest of the worlds heroes, Spider-Man took back to fighting crime in the streets of New York, using his new costume to great advantage. Little does Peter Parker know, that he should have trusted his first instinct and rid himself of the costume because it is in fact alive and it is hungry. The first wave of Spider-Man Classics brings us a remarkable and beautiful rendition of the Black Costume, a suit which has become one of his most well known...[See More]
4.00 stars from Dr Nightmare
The only character more popular, more loved, more idolized than our friendly neighborhood Spiderman is none other than the Black-Suit Spiderman! Okay, it's the same guy so that doesn't count, but since it is the same guy, that just goes to show how much everyone around the world loves Spiderman. It was only a matter of time before this Spidey was made a Legend but interestingly, he was made in a series of his own, Spiderman Classics (SMC), not with the Marvel Legends series. I think he was also made as a Marvel Selects release, and maybe even in some other line as well, so good luck finding them all! There isn't much to say detail-wise, but I'll try to elaborate! Black-Suit Spiderman stands 5.85 inches, and since he's supposed to be smaller than your average hero, he is perfectly...[See More]
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