Spider-Man (Toy Biz) Venom - Along Came a Spider Spider-Carnage
Series:Spider-Man (Toy Biz)
Subseries:Venom - Along Came a Spider
Manufacturer:Toy Biz
Manufacturer #:47502
Year Released:1997
Height:5 inches
Genres:Comics, Movies
Character Profiles:Spider-Carnage
User Collections:7 Users
User Wishlists:1 Users

(and Spit the Spider with Snap Attack Legs)

The symbiote that bonded with the insane Cletus Hasady to form Carnage has separated from it’s host with one desire: destroy Spider-Man! Instead, it bonded with Spidey temporarily to form Spider-Carnage. With the combined strength and ability of both Spider-Man and Carnage, Spider-Carnage more than lives up to his name. Can Spider-Man free himself from the Carnage symbiote… Before it’s too late?
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Reviews of Spider-Carnage Toy Series
4.50 stars from toybiz
I loved this figure I liked the translusent plastic I got this figure of a website for 30 dollers and guess what I found the same figure for 10 dollers on a website a month later can you beleive that pretty much this figure is awsome but the only problem is that it is hard to balence and it does not have that much articulation.:{...[See More]
4.50 stars from Azrael
Ah Spider-Carnage, a mix of a great villain and a great Spider-Man. This is by far one fo the coolest figures I've ever bought. He's mostly a display piece and can be aesthetically pleasing no matter where you put him. Place him in your closet to get a scare whenever you wake up and get dresed, or my favorite, put him on a window sil and when the light shines in, watch the translucent plastic work it's magic. At the risk of my dignity, this guy really SHINES THROUGH when it comes to toybiz figures. I've always loved the translucent plasitc bit, but so few people still use it. The way the red glows is a mix of beauty and horror as you stare at its gruesome face. The only reasaon I don't give this guy a solid 5 is because he's not big on articulation or posability, and I feel like I'll...[See More]
5.00 stars from hobbygoblin
Spider-Carnage is a character which I really like, not because of his story, or his character, but just ebcause he looks so freaking cool. This figure really lives up to that by being something that honestly, I've never seen before. He's got a lot of gimmicks going for him that seem to work pretty well. Instead of using blue, they used one so dark, it's almost black, and while it looks great, the plastic has this smoothness to it, both it's look and feel, that I've enever seen on any other figure. The red on him is somethign you don't see anymore, it's translucent, so in the dark it looks almost black, but in the light it's like he's glowing, stick him in front of a candle and it's just beautiful. For such a gruesome character, they did a great job with making him look better than the...[See More]
5.00 stars from Dr Nightmare
Wow, just, where to start with this...oh, I know, this thing is awesome!! If you are a fan of any kind of Spiderman, then you will definitely know who Spider-Carnage is. It is the result of the Carnage symbiote merging with our unfortunate hero, Spiderman!! -=HOW I CAME TO HAVE IT=- When I first heard from a friend that a Spider-Carnage figure was at Toys R Us, I almost forgot to breathe!! I flew down to the store only to find them sold-out...3 YEARS AGO. It turns out my friend was just yanking my chain. So after I throttled him with the said chain, I looked online to find one. After hours of searching, I found places that sold Spider-Carnage for as much as 80 dollars!! No way!! So I had to resort to Ebay...40 dollars is still too much to pay. Someone was selling a toy lot. I figured...[See More]
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GJL_Creative -
Monday, July 28, 2014
This figure is a pain in the ass to stand up. Its sculpted to stand on the front heels of its feet. Cool figure besides
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