Spider-Man Universe Spider-Man Origins Series 2 Venom
Series:Spider-Man Origins
Subseries:Series 2
Year Released:2007
Genres:Comics, Movies
Character Profiles:Venom
User Collections:3 Users

The Evil union of an alien life-form and reporter Eddie Brock, Venom is one of the web-slinger’s most dangerous enemies. He is incredibly strong, and possesses a nearly unlimited supply of webbing, as well as all the fighting skills of Spider-Man. Obsessed with the wall-crawler’s destructions, Venom embarks on a chaotic rampage designed to draw his enemy and crush him.

Super-posable figure features an exclusive supermetal finish and comes with a display stand.
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Reviews of Venom Toy Series
1.00 stars from hobbygoblin
Wow, that's alll I can say about this amazingly horrible Venom figure. Don't get me wrong, there's been worse, but this closer to the bottom than the top. Venom has horrible articulation, his legs move in a slant, like you're supposed to squeeze his leg, but he does nothing. His waist only turns in one direction, and in addition to the fact that his arms are underarticulated, his hands are in a horrible position, so it looks like he's choking you and pointing to something at the same time. I think my least favorite part of this figure is the horrific paint apps. They do the same thing the do on MU Black spiderman, they add a blue tint, however, they do it all blochy, where it goes from dark blue in one area to sky blue in another. And just like all figures with his kind of head, there's a...[See More]
4.00 stars from Collector1
Bonded with an alien Symbiote, disgraced newspaper reporter and photographer, Eddie Brock's own psychosis and need for revenge becomes all consuming when he learns all needs too about the man he blames for his ruined life: The Amazing Spider-Man! Eddie Brock, now known as Venom, has only three known weaknesses; extreme heat, sonic, and mind blowingly bad articulation! Venom's waist can only be turned in one direction, meaning is you want him to get back to facing forward, you have to keep turning him. His legs are far spaced which makes it hard to get both legs on the base unless you put him in a crouching position. The Lethal Protectors feet are oddly small and seem fragile. Something else that was wrong with the figure was that one of the foot holes was to small! This was fixed...[See More]
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