Captain Jean Luc Picard (Commander of the Enterprise)
Star Trek - Next Generation (Playmates) Series 1 Captain Jean Luc Picard (Commander of the Enterprise)
Name:Captain Jean Luc Picard (Commander of the Enterprise)
Series:Star Trek - Next Generation (Playmates)
Subseries:Series 1
Manufacturer #:6011
Year Released:1992
Height:5 inches
UPC:0 43377 06011 6
Age Range:4 & Up
Genres:Movies, Sci-Fi, TV Series
Actors:Patrick Stewart
Character Profiles:Jean-Luc Picard
User Collections:8 Users

Commander of the Starship Enterprise

SUBJECT: Jean-Luc Picard
SPECIES: Human. Born in LaBarre, France, Earth
ASSIGNED VESSEL: U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D
MEDICAL HISTORY: Cardiac Replacement Surgery (Stardate 42279)

PROFILE: Picard, Jean-Luc, Captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D. A born explorer. Of French descent. Honorable. Loyal. Stern, yet receptive. Command's absolute authority. Persuasive negotiator. Most respected captain in Starfleet. Too valuable to leave the Enterprise for extended periods. Must limit participation on Away Teams to emergencies and diplomatic situations only. Dislikes the use of force, unless absolutely necessary. Excellent swordsman. Skilled in Type I Phaser and several forms of self-defense. Distrusts the Ferengi. Ranks the Borg as his most dangerous adversary.

DISTINGUISHED SERVICE NOTATION: Stardate 43345.94 - Captain Jean-Luc Picard successfully manages to save Counselor Troi from her captor, Armus. Picard orders ship's phasers to destroy Armus' only way off the planet, neutralizing his escape.

* Type I Hand Phaser
* Tricorder w/holster
* Personal View Screen
* Starfleet Action Base
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Subseries from Star Trek - Next Generation (Playmates) Toy Series
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