Commander Benjamin Sisko
Star Trek - Deep Space Nine (Playmates) Series 1 Commander Benjamin Sisko
Name:Commander Benjamin Sisko
Series:Star Trek - Deep Space Nine (Playmates)
Subseries:Series 1
Manufacturer #:6201
Year Released:1993
Height:5 inches
UPC:0 43377 06201 1
Age Range:4 & Up
Genres:Movies, Sci-Fi, TV Series
Actors:Avery Brooks
Character Profiles:Benjamin Sisko
User Collections:4 Users

SUBJECT: Benjamin Sisko
RANK: Commander
MARRITAL STATUS: Widowed, Stardate 43997
CHILDREN: One son, Jake Sisko
PREVIOUS ASSIGNMENT: Shore Duty: Mars, Utopia Planitia Yards

SERVICE RECORD: Sisko Benjamin. Currently Commander of Starfleet station, Deep Space Nine. Following the death of his spouse, Jennifer aboard the Starship Saratoga, Commander Sisko suffered an emotional trauma. He was subsequently reassigned to assist the fleet reconstruction team on Mars at the Utopia Planitia Yards. Upon Starfleet’s arrangement with the Bajoran provisional government to administer Deep Space Nine, Cmmander Sisko was assigned to the station to oversee and coordinate its reconstruction. He command over fifty Starfleet personnel and is responsible for the safety of approximately 200 permanent and transient residents aboard Deep Space Nine.

Upon his arrival, Sisko filed formal protests with Starfleet concerning his current assignment. He requested transfer, citing that his single parent status and the "barbaric" conditions of Deep Space Nine were too overwhelming. Following his encounter, however, with the Bajoran spiritual leader, Kai Opaka and the mysterious Orb, Sisko withdrew his petition and embraced the challenge to reform Deep Space Nine.

STATION NOTE: Commander Sisko is a fanatic of the archaic sport, baseball, which faded out in the 22nd century. He can often be located in the Deep Space Nine holosuite on the Promenade, conversing with legendary players like Buck Bokai of the Kings.

Deep Space Nine Gear includes:
* Starfleet Padd
* Type II Hand Phaser
* Deep Space Nine Monitor
* Bajoran Orb Case
* Starfleet Actoin Base
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