Lieutenant Jadzia Dax (Starfleet Science Officer)
Star Trek - Deep Space Nine (Playmates) Series 1 Lieutenant Jadzia Dax (Starfleet Science Officer)
Name:Lieutenant Jadzia Dax (Starfleet Science Officer)
Series:Star Trek - Deep Space Nine (Playmates)
Subseries:Series 1
Manufacturer #:6250
Year Released:1993
Height:5 inches
UPC:0 43377 06205 9
Age Range:4 & Up
Genres:Movies, Sci-Fi, TV Series
Actors:Terry Farrell
Character Profiles:Jadzia Dax
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SUBJECT: Dax. Jadzia
SYMBIONT AGE: 3 Centuries
HOST AGE: 28 Years
RANK: Lieutenant Science Officer

SERVICE RECORD: Dax, Jadzia. Currently Science Officer for Deep Space Nine. To best understand the psychology of Dax, it is crucial to comprehend her biological composition. Dax is a Trill. In order to survive an environmental catastrophe on their home planet, two species were forced into a sybmiotic union, creating the Trill species. The symbiont/host relationship is bio-chemically and psychologically complex. The symbiont can best be described as a kind of bulbous mollusk. The average life span of this slug-like species is thought to be about four hundred years. The humanoid host of Dax is twenty-eight years old. Her symbiont's three hundred years of experience. combined with her host's vitality makes her an invaluable member of the Deep Space Nine crew.

Starfleet has noted the emotionally complex nature of Dax. Personnel counselors have assured the Federation that Dax's assumed multiple identities and memories of numerous humanoids should not become an obstacle to her performance. She is reputed to have a profound inner wisdom -- and must, therefore, be accepted as a respected scholar. It is important to remember that it is not possible to speak to the symbiont or the host independently. It is best to address Dax as a single entity.

STATION NOTE: Dax's extensive knowledge of science and technology made her a choice candidate for the Deep Space Nine transition team. Her abilities to adapt and compromise by utilizing existing technologies has made the Deep Space Nine crew's adjustment to their new station less difficult.

Deep Space Nine Gear includes:
* Trill
* Starfleet Tricorder
* Bio Sample Collector
* Field Hypospray
* Portable Computer Gear
* Starfleet Action Base

Subseries from Star Trek - Deep Space Nine (Playmates) Toy Series
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