Dr. Julian Bashir
Star Trek - Deep Space Nine (Playmates) Series 1 Dr. Julian Bashir
Name:Dr. Julian Bashir
Series:Star Trek - Deep Space Nine (Playmates)
Subseries:Series 1
Manufacturer #:6208
Year Released:1993
Height:5 inches
UPC:0 43377 06208 0
Age Range:4 & Up
Genres:Movies, Sci-Fi, TV Series
Actors:Alexander Siddig
Character Profiles:Julian Bashir
User Collections:3 Users

SUBJECT: Bashir, Julian
SPECIES: Human / Male
RANK: Lieutenant Commander, Medical Officer
SPECIALTY: Xenobiology

SERVICE RECORD: Bashir, Julian. Currently serving as a medical officer on the station Deep Space Nine. Graduated second in his class at the Starfleet Medical Academy. Dr. Bashir specialized in multi-species medicine. He has noted that the comprehensive textbooks of Admiral McCoy and the writings of Vulcan Commander Selar greatly influenced his medical studies. Starfleet offered Dr. Bashir positions on several Starships, but he formally declined, insisting that he would best serve the Federation on a remote space station.

When the assignment to Deep Space Nine was offered to him, Dr. Bashir accepted with great enthusiasm. His official reply to Starfleet was that "Heroes are made in the wilderness of space." Though it is noted that Dr. Bashir is overly-confident and enamored with adventure. It is a matter of record that he is a superior doctor. His encyclopedic knowledge of alien lifeforms and exceptional memory of alien anatomy makes him the choice candidate to provide medical services on the wayward Deep Space Nine station.

STATION NOTE: Since his assignment, Dr. Bashir has gained even more practical experience of alien anatomy, due to the mixture of lifeforms aboard Deep Space Nine. He runs sickbay efficiently and can recall past exams by accessing the chronicled history of treatments logged in the station’s computer systems.

Deep Space Nine Gear includes:
* Starfleet Pad
* Medical Tricorder
* DNA Scanner
* Type II Hand Phaser
* Medical Kit
* Starfleet Action Base
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