M. Bison
Street Fighter (SOTA) Round 1 M. Bison
Name:M. Bison
Series:Street Fighter (SOTA)
Subseries:Round 1
Year Released:2004
Genres:Movies, Video Games
Character Profiles:M. Bison
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Running the mysterious Shadowloo organization Bison is evil incarnate. He recruits only the best fighter to join his forces whether they want to or not, thus strengthening his offensive standing. Bison relies on his Psycho Power to give him the upper hand in any situation. After seeing the battle between Sagat and Ryu, Bison is determined to claim Ryus Hado power for himself.
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5.00 stars from Dr Nightmare
Brain-washing, induced global famine, eco-terrorism, governmental corruption, genocide, genetic engineering...of evil, nothing is too low of a blow for this guy. Bison stands 6.5 inches tall (and a little taller if you count his fancy hat) and is made of evil and cool. This fig looks like a wrapped mound of muscle. Bison is insanely muscular (how puny little Cammy can beat him-up is beyond my comprehension, but I'll root for her all the way!) and all the muscle makes his head look tiny by comparison. I can't tell if it's just an optical illusion or not but his head looks a little too small. In any case, he is game-accurate and has great detail in the clothes. The red areas are cast with red plastic (and well-shaded) so there's no paint-rub (either that or it's painted so well that it...[See More]
Subseries from Street Fighter (SOTA) Toy Series
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