Massacre vs Full Assault Superman
Superman - Man of Steel 2-Packs Massacre vs Full Assault Superman
Name:Massacre vs Full Assault Superman
Series:Superman - Man of Steel
Manufacturer #:62912
Year Released:1996
Height:5 inches
Genres:Comics, Movies
Character Profiles:Massacre, Superman
User Collections:2 Users

(Exclusive DC Comic Book Included!)

Powerful intergalactic hunter, Massacre, goes after the supreme game, Superman!

Both Superman and Massacre stand about 5" tall.
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Reviews of Massacre vs Full Assault Superman Toy Series
4.50 stars from Collector1
(Full Assault Superman) Right on to things today, Superman's costume is in tatters, the cape torn and burned in several places on the back, the most prominant on the lower edge which looks like someone bit through it. His right arm's sleave is gone up to his elbow and a patch is missing from his abdominal section, showing off his sixpack. This isn't just lack of paint, but actual sculpting around the edges to show how his costume was damaged, so I have to applaud that. Other than that, the rest of the Man of Steel's costume is intact. Superman's eyes are nicly painted with no visible flaws I can detect. The hair is long and curly, just like the style Superman was drawn with at this point in time after his death. The Last Son's neck can move left and right. The arms and legs have...[See More]
4.50 stars from Collector1
(Massacre) From across the Galaxy, Massacre has come to Earth to battle the last surviving Kryptonian, Superman! With his ability to see nerve impulses and superhuman strenght equal to Superman's own, can the Man of Steel survive against his alien foe? This action figure two pack allows you to decide! Massacre is a red skined mountain of muscle and tissue, towering over the Man of Steel. He features five points of articulation and his head was probably meant to move, seeing as how there is a joint there and all, but his dreads and shoulder pads prevent its movement. On his right knee, several silver knobs are sculpted on the knee pad. His gauntlets which produce super-hot plasma blasts are nicly detailed, especially given the era in which this toy was produced. Massacre's eyes are...[See More]
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