Earth-Prime Superboy
Infinite Crisis Series 1 Earth-Prime Superboy
Name:Earth-Prime Superboy
Series:Infinite Crisis
Subseries:Series 1
Manufacturer:DC Direct
Year Released:2006
Character Profiles:Superboy
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Reviews of Earth-Prime Superboy Toy Series
2.00 stars from hobbygoblin
Ugh, this is why I hate, and I mean HATE, DC Direct, because they make every character, half of them never get another figure, and the DCD figures aren't all that good. Why? You may ask, their sculpts are breathtaking and their paints apps are godlike. Bull. They limit posability with old fashioned articulation, then, to make matters worse, Earth Prime Superboy (who will be called Superboy-Prime from here on out) has his articulation even MORE limited by his Anti-Monitor armor. His face looks like Elvis with heat vision. Seriously. Other than that, the sculpt it pretty generic, and the paint apps are decent., I guess. But still, Superboy-Prime is a character I highly enjoy, and the fact that this is his only figure makes it that much more infuriating that it's BAD! I eman, I suppose there...[See More]
4.00 stars from Dr Nightmare
Super-Prime stands about 6.2 inches and I think is one of those figures worth the price-tag simply because of his major roles in current comics. This figure feels like a solid hunk of plastic, very sturdy, all that sculpted armor is very smooth and slick but it limits articulation severely in the elbows. You can't bend the arms much and you can't lift them higher than almost-straight-out-in-front because of the shoulder-armor. At least the metallic-blue armor contrasts pretty well with the flatter blue of the main suit. The muscle-sculpt is lithe but stout, the paint id great for the most part with very little bleeding at the base of the the yellow hoses. The flexible cape is tattered and speckled black to speckling, lol. The hoses are all flexible. Articulation is found...[See More]
4.00 stars from Collector1
The last survivor of a dead Universe, Superboy-Prime came into his powers at the middle of Crisis that spanned the multiverse on a world much like our own. However, he thrust into the midst of a battle beyond his comprehension with powers he barely comprehended and watched as his Earth was destroyed. Eventually, he, Kal-L the Superman of Earth-2, and Alexander Luthor Jr. survived the final battle against the Anti-Monitor at the dawn of time and slipped into a Paradise Demnsion with the Lois Lane of Earth-2, knowning they had no place in the new Universe that had been born. However, the bitterness that dwelled in his young heart grew in his isolation with Superman more concerned about his wife's failing health and being shown all the negative aspects of the new, darker world. Because...[See More]
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