DC Super Heroes (Mattel) Series 8 Clayface
Series:DC Super Heroes (Mattel)
Subseries:Series 8
Year Released:2007
Character Profiles:Clayface
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Reviews of Clayface Toy Series
4.50 stars from Dr Nightmare
Clayface! Never thought you’d see this day, eh? Mattel is giving us what we want, basic figures with no stupid gimmicky suits, though I think they’re saving those for later, heh. I love the old Batman cartoons, along with the character and city designs, so Clayface is a welcome blast form the past. He’s a hideously nostalgic piece and is even creepier than I remembered him to be. It looks like he should be on Ghostbusters, not Batman movies! Our muddy puddle of preciousness is 7 inches tall. Clayface is top-heavy but the stumpy legs do a great job of keeping him up. I’ve got mixed feelings about this figure. I dig that the arms are rubberized and extremely flexible, but there a lot of different browns on him because different parts are made of different materials, I guess we can pass...[See More]
4.50 stars from Lord_Khan
Matt Hagen, actor turned monster by chemical manufacturer Roland Daggett. At least I think that's the Clayface they're trying to go for, but Mattel doesn't seem to like putting any information about the character on the packaging other than the character's name. So I'll just assume it's Matt Hagen Clayface. Sculpt: The sculpt is fantastic, like most of Four Horsemen's stuff, but even moreso on this guy. He looks like dripping clay, as he should. His arms are even longer than his legs, as if his legs are being compressed by his weight and his arms are stretching down due to gravity, but I suppose that that's probably largely because thats what he looks like in the comics, rather than 4H just deciding to make it like that. Articulation: This has about as much articulation as your...[See More]
Subseries from DC Super Heroes (Mattel) Toy Series
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