DC Universe Classics Wave 1 Orion
Series:DC Universe Classics
Subseries:Wave 1
Manufacturer #:M5697
Year Released:2007
Height:6 inches
UPC:0 27084 59612 0
Character Profiles:Orion
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BIOGRAPHY — Born the son of the tyrranical Darkseid, Lord of the planet Apokolips, Orion was adopted by the kind ruler Highfather and raised on the neighboring planet New Genesis as part of a truce between the two worlds. Orion's feral nature made him the fiercest fighter of all the New Gods and ultimately helped him defeat Darkseid's plans to control the universe.

STATISTICS — FIRST APPEARANCE: New Gods #1 (March 1971) / REAL NAME: Orion / OCCUPATION: Warrior / BASE OF OPERATIONS: New Genesis / SPECIAL ABILITIES: Superhuman strength and speed, Rapid recovery and healing, Superior battle skills
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Reviews of Orion Toy Series
4.50 stars from Dr Nightmare
Orion stands about 6.5 inches to the top of his helmet, which is fine with me! These new DCUC figures feel much sturdier than the old DCSH figs, maybe it's the legs that actually close all the way that give that impression, whatever, they feel nice in hand. The golden harness is flimsy but amazingly detailed and adds depth to an otherwise bland and pretty straight-forward figure. I didn't believe Buzzy Fret when he said the blue parts were actually purple, but they are! They look purple with sky-blue mixed-in, which looks like an odd combination of colors on the mainly red body, but it works I guess, heaven forbid I should argue with Jack Kirby's designs or I'd be STRICKEN AND CAN'T LET YOU GO! WHEN THE HEART IS COLD, THERE'S NO HOPE, AND WE KNOW- oops, listening to too much of...[See More]
5.00 stars from Buzzy_Fret
I can't believe Mattel offered Darkseid's son / nemesis Orion in the first wave of the new DC Universe Classic (DCUC for short) line! And I'm ecstatic that they did. Orion has been a DC favorite of mine since I was a young 'un. I distinctly remember owning the very first issue of Jack Kirby's New Gods and the image of Orion sailing through the stars on the cover made a huge impression on me. Mattel has done an incredible job on this figure and the 4 Horsemen design is extremely accurate. Orion doesn't have a lot of details but what he has they nailed. If this is an indication on how the future figures of the DCUC line are going to be made then I think Mattel is going to give Hasbro ML a lot of competition. Maybe Mattel will get the Marvel License next. <img class="rightfloat"...[See More]
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