Dark Knight - Movie Masters Series 1 Joker
Series:Dark Knight - Movie Masters
Subseries:Series 1
Year Released:2008
Height:6 inches
Genres:Comics, Movies
Character Profiles:Joker
User Collections:9 Users
User Wishlists:2 Users

Joker figure includes:
* Small knife accessory
* Evidence bag
* Joker playing-card from the movie

20 points of articulation (No bicep swivels)
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Reviews of Joker Toy Series
2.50 stars from Azrael
Ugh. If I didn't need a movie Joker I would've never bought this. The face sculpt bears almost no resemblance to Heath Ledger. The articulation isn't all that and the number of poses you can pull off are slim to none. The look on his face is a bit too stoic and even his make up is way too different from the movie version. I'd be happy to take a knife to this figure and be all barga! I think the only decent thing about this figure is the paint. From the neck down anyway, I mean seriously, I went through 5 shelves of these guys and every one of them had a screwed up face. I honestly wished the matty collector Joker's look good enough to headswap because it's easy to see how this figure could go from hard to find scalper material to shelf warming harder than anything I've seen in the past...[See More]
3.00 stars from CplHicks
Why so serious? Let’s put a smile on that that face!!! I loved the Dark Knight. When I herd that Mattel would be producing 6 inch collector geared action figures I was stoked. I bought my first MM toy on a cross border shopping trip into New York State. I walked into the first Wal-Mart and found my first MM toy: a Joker figure. I was excited as back in the early days of MM Jokers were rare and highly sought after and went for crazy prices on a website. Joker comes with very little. Just an extremely small knife and an evidence bag with a joker card. Not a whole lot of stuff. Paint 2.5 The paint is well applied on my Joker and is even and smooth. The real issue with paint on this figure is accuracy. The face is completely solid while with little to no bleeding or skin showing through....[See More]
5.00 stars from Deathlock66
While I got this joker figure in a two pack with the dark knight batman and so it has no knife or evidence bag its the fig that really counts.He features 20 POA he has ball jointed neck cut shoulders turning hands cut thigh joints twisting knee joints bending knee joints and moving feet.He is vey detailed he looks like Heaths joker quite a bit maybe the hair could have been in a differnt style but it still looks good like this.His suit is also dead on right down to his shoes I think I prefer this type of suit in awy because its more modern.His face is detailed very well his face paint has some flesh showing like it should and his scaring is dead on too while the scars are shaped like a smile he is not smiling.The coulors here are his purple overcoat gloves and trouses green hair and...[See More]
3.50 stars from Dr Nightmare
This figure sucks. Lol, you should have seen the look on your face, priceless! Jokes stands under 6 inches, around 5.8. I think this figure was rushed for production, both when sculpting/designing it and when on the factory line being painted, it's little things that are bugging me. The hair looks bland, chunky, too round. I'm not used to seeing this kind of blandness from the 4 Horsemen, the thick paint apps make it look worse. The face is alright, but the make-up isn't. Mini-Heath here looks like a stoner instead of like the crazed looney he portrayed on-screen. The right sleeve's cuff has button and slot detail while the left is plain, was this on purpose? Is that how it was in the movie? The buttons/slots down the front of the purple coat are faded, as if it was cast imperfectly....[See More]
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