Transformers - Crossovers Wave 1 Spider-Man
Series:Transformers - Crossovers
Subseries:Wave 1
Year Released:2008
Genres:Cartoons, Comics
Character Profiles:Spider-Man
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"With great power, there must also come great responsibility."

Capable of phenomenal acceleration, and maneuverable enough to weave through traffic as easily as Spider-Man himself dodges bullets, his motorcycle mode is the ultimate extension of his style. In mech mode, it duplicates his powers almost perfectly, with powerful electromagnets that allow wall-crawling, and missile launchers that fire explosive blasts of webbing strong enough to entangle even the most powerful of machine opponent.
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Reviews of Spider-Man Toy Series
3.50 stars from Collector1
If anyone was skeptical over the Marvel Crossover series, it was most assuradly me. At a price point of over fifteen bucks for a series that would either suck eggs or be the greatest thing since the invention of the fart joke, I found that the Spider-Man fell somewhere inbetween, strataling the fence between utter garbage and fun little toy. The vehicle mode is a fictional mock up of a motorcycle with the webmissles making the exaughts pipes. The front likes odd. They attempted to make it resemble Spidey's mask but it came off looking like a bug pokemon thing. The transformation is very simple with me only having to glance at the first part of the instructions before I was able to transform him into his robot mode. The robot mode looks like, well, robot Spider-Man so I guess they...[See More]
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