Batman Beyond (Masked)
DC Universe Classics Wave 4 Batman Beyond (Masked)
Name:Batman Beyond (Masked)
Series:DC Universe Classics
Subseries:Wave 4
Year Released:2008
Character Profiles:Batman
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Batman Beyond is characterized by a sleek black, almost featureless uniform with a moderate utility belt and a chest-borne red bat insignia. The Beyond costume is a mechanized suit developed too late in life for Bruce Wayne to utilize it to full potentiality. The suit is instead commandeered by a vengeful Terry McGinnis, initially as a measure to avenge his father’s murder. The Beyond costume bolsters heightened strength in addition to providing jet boots, built-in glider wings, and a stealth function.
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Reviews of Batman Beyond (Masked) Toy Series
5.00 stars from GeekSummit
I found this figure to be unique for sure. this is the first I've seen of the DCU DCSH figures to have a completely glossed paint job. I was worried about this since we all know gloss paint has a tendency to feel as wet as it looks. HOO-RA in this column. I have noticed on the few versions I have seen that the flagship detail, the red bat tends to come off a little flaky... is not cool. this will be the rarer of wave 4 as it has only slipped through in some spots that received revision 1 instead of wave 4/1, or at least that's how it was told to me. Any how there is not much to say about this figure. It has all the moxie you can ask for from a character that hasn't been sculpted in the near real realm as of yet. I say give it a 10 if I could....[See More]
Subseries from DC Universe Classics Toy Series
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