Superman (Blue Suit / Red Cape) (Chase)
DC Universe Classics Wave 6 Superman (Blue Suit / Red Cape) (Chase)
Name:Superman (Blue Suit / Red Cape) (Chase)
Series:DC Universe Classics
Subseries:Wave 6
Year Released:2009
Height:6 inches
Character Profiles:Superman
User Collections:6 Users
User Wishlists:2 Users

(Chase Figure for Wave 6)

Biography: When the menace known as Doomsday came to Earth, it fell to Superman to battle him to a standstill...and the death! Though it cost him his life, the Man of Steel saved his adopted homeworld. Superman's death activated The Eradicator, an entity from Krypton, who assumed Superman's identity and placed the body of the fallen hero in a suit designed to reignite the spark of life in the Last Son of Krypton.

Statistics: First Appearance: Action Comics #1 (June 1938) Real Name: Clark Kent/Kal-El Occupation: Reporter Base of Operations: Metropolis Special Abilities: Super Strength, Speed, Invulnerability, Flight, Heat Vision, X-Ray vision and Freezing Breath.
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Reviews of Superman (Blue Suit / Red Cape) (Chase) Toy Series
5.00 stars from playercustoms
I've just picked uo this figure from my local comics shop.It's a bit late because I've did't want to pick upa superman with mullet hair.But after being disatisfied with my 5-pack superman.I've decided to give it a try.suprisingly,this figure turns out prettywell.The body sculpt is same as all supermen but the mullet is sculpted really well.all joints on this figure is fine and pick up this figure,it won't disappoint you!...[See More]
5.00 stars from Collector1
I had been putting off this wave because when it first reached my backwater little corner of the world, they all had perhaps the sloppiest and most horrible paint applications I had ever seen in my life. After going out of stock and then being replenished, the ones on the shelves are much cleaner and look better so I decided to start grabbing them. The Superman I picked up is the normal suit chase figure to the lines Black Suit Superman which keeps it in line with the previous Eradicator toy. Crossing my fingers for a Steel and Superboy figures! Anyway, his body is the basic male mold for the line with the necessary alterations made for his belt, boot tops and a unique head sculpt with the long hair seen on Superman after his resurrection and the better part of the 90's. Why it's...[See More]
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