Mr. Miracle
DC Universe Classics Wave 6 Mr. Miracle
Name:Mr. Miracle
Series:DC Universe Classics
Subseries:Wave 6
Year Released:2009
Character Profiles:Mr. Miracle
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Includes Kalibak's right leg

Biography: As part of a peace pact, Scott Free was raised in an orphanage on the cruel world of Apokolips. Young Scott finally escaped that destiny and made his way to Earth where he was befriended by escape artist Thaddeus Brown, known as Mister Miracle. Under Brown's tuelage Scott assumed the identity of Mister Miracle and elevated to even greater glory as an entertainment super-escape artist!

Statistics: First Appearance: Mister Miracle #1 (April 1971).
Real Name: Scott Free
Occupation: Super-escape artist
Base of Operations: New Genesis/Earth
Special Abilities: Master fighter, escape artist, aero discs for flight, Mother Box contained in costume.
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5.00 stars from Collector1
Mr. Miracle! Just say that name to yourself like an old fashion circus barker and you will know why that name is awesome. He was also made by Jack "The King" Kirby which makes him doubly awesome. Mattel's been cranking out a lot of Fourth World characters with Mr. Miracle and the variant Doctor Immpossible toy as the latest examples. Mr. Miracle has a great sculpt. While he shares the same basic male body with the other characters from the line, his unique elements really shine and are an accurate translation of the two dimensional artwork to a three dimensional action figure. The cape is something special. While it shares a similair design with the chase version of the Superman toy, it is much straighter, lacking the windblown look and has a raised cowl. The cape is hard as a rock down...[See More]
Subseries from DC Universe Classics Toy Series
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