Adam Strange & Starfire: Space Heroes (Mattycollector)
DC Universe Classics Exclusives Adam Strange & Starfire: Space Heroes (Mattycollector)
Name:Adam Strange & Starfire: Space Heroes (Mattycollector)
Series:DC Universe Classics
Manufacturer #:N6446
Year Released:2009
Height:6 inches
UPC:0 27084 68918 1
Character Profiles:Adam Strange, Starfire
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Starfire: BIOGRAPHY — To seal a peace pact, King Myand'r of Tamaran sold his daughter Koriand'r into slavery. Her imprisonment ended when scientists experimented upon her and accidentally imbued her with the power to harness solar energy as destructive force. Now an inhabitant of Earth, Koriand'r is known as Starfire and has become a member of the Teen Titans. STATISTICS — REAL NAME: Koriand'r (a.k.a. Kory Anders) / OCCUPATION: Hero / BASE OF OPERATIONS: San Francisco / FIRST APPEARANCE: DC Comics Presents #26 (October 1980) / SPECIAL SKILLS: Able to absorb solar energy and translate it to the powers of flight and emission of powerful star-bolt force beams; Trained in combat by the Warlords of Okaara.

Adam Strange: BIOGRAPHY — Archaeologist Adam Strange was transported to the distant planet of Rann by a random communications beam from outer space. Adam soon became the official hero of Rann, the planet's protector against strange menaces of all kinds. Though without powers, frequently outnumbered and almost always outgunned, Adam's cleverness and innovation have allowed him to overcome every menace and gain a reputation as the "thinking man's hero." STATISTICS — REAL NAME: Adam Strange (a.k.a. The Hero of Two Worlds, Champion of Rann) / OCCUPATION: Archaeologist, Planetary Protector / BASE OF OPERATIONS: Ranagar, Rann / FIRST APPEARANCE: Showcase #17 (December 1958) / SPECIAL SKILLS: Rannian jet pack enables flight, Laser pistol, Teleporting ability, Rannian armor provides damage resistance and space protection, Hand-to-hand combat, Superb tactical planner.
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4.00 stars from playercustoms
I'm having mixed feeling about this set.Sure! both charcaters are an important part of my collection,but I haven't really grown on them.I really don't know why.You see,I think that starfire's body is a bit skinny, I would have prefered if mattel used the power girl/wonder woman/artemis body.I think it would have fit o'l starfire here better.My starfire's paint apps are fine.No major quality issues .Articulation is standard for DCUC and works really well with m growing teen titans collection. Adam strange is an another story.I don't like this costume.It should have many raised elements and Mattel has don nothing.Adam sports a broken leg and a broken bicep.Mattel, come on......... Overall.This set is probaly reserved for people that love DCUC, No one should avoid them but hope you don't...[See More]
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