Destro (Gold Helmet) / Iron Grenadier
G.I. Joe - 25th Anniversary Comic 2-Packs - Wave 5 Destro (Gold Helmet) / Iron Grenadier
Name:Destro (Gold Helmet) / Iron Grenadier
Series:G.I. Joe - 25th Anniversary
Subseries:Comic 2-Packs - Wave 5
Year Released:2008
Genres:Cartoons, Military
Character Profiles:Destro, Iron Grenadier
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Code Name: Destro
File Name: Destro, James McCullen
Primary Military Specialty: Weapons Manufacturer
Birthplace: Calllander, Scotland

Once a major supplier of advanced weapons and vehicles and advisory to Cobra Commander, Destro now purses his own grandiose schemes. He has created a small army of Iron Grenadier troopers from his private bodyguards, and will use them to take control of the Cobra organization. A man with a conflicted sense of loyalty, he struggles to act with honor toward the man he swore to serve- Cobra Commander-- yet he feels it is his duty to remove and incompetent leader from power for the good of the organization.

"If you wish to be an Iron Grenadier, you must do your utmost at all times. I will not tolerate mediocre performance: you will be the best, or suffer the consequences."

Elite Trooper
Code Name: Iron Grenadier

Destro has built up his army of Iron Grenadier troopers from among his bodyguards. Chosen for their endurance, tenacity, and pure meanness, Iron Grenadier troopers are part of the weapon supplier's plans to take control of the Cobra organization. The Iron Grenadier force has been trained to infiltrate an area and spread panic and chaos, resulting in an increased demand for weapons-supplied by Destro, of course. An Iron Grenadier trooper is an obnoxious salesman with guns. In fact, he gets a commission on any armaments sold because of his effort, and receives incentive points for starting riots and encouraging armed revolts.

"We have no hearts, we have no fears, we'll sell you guns, we'll sell you spears...We are the Iron Grenadiers!" (part of the Iron Grenadier marching song.)

Reviews of Destro (Gold Helmet) / Iron Grenadier Toy Series
4.50 stars from Collector1
Everybody knows who Destro is, that guy with the metal helmat with the scottish accent and was dating the Baroness. This version of Destro had a very diffrent outfit with a red cape and a golden helmet instead of the usual silver. Destro comes with two weapons: a black snub nose pistol and a sabre. The pistol is pretty standard fair and fits in his left hand the best. I really like the saber on this guy. The handgaurd is made from silver plastic and the blade is painted gold. It fits best in his right hand. Both weapons have holders. For the pistol, a holster is sculpted onto his lower left thigh with a thing flap at the top that you have to lift up before putting the pistol in or taking it out, and a scabbard is attached to a belt to hold the sword. On the figure's left shoulder are...[See More]
Subseries from G.I. Joe - 25th Anniversary Toy Series
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