Noob Saibot
Mortal Kombat (Jazwares) Series 3 - Shaolin Monks Noob Saibot
Name:Noob Saibot
Series:Mortal Kombat (Jazwares)
Subseries:Series 3 - Shaolin Monks
Year Released:2006
Age Range:4 & Up
Genres:Video Games
Character Profiles:Noob Saibot
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Reviews of Noob Saibot Toy Series
2.00 stars from Azrael
I am a Mortal Kombat fan. I honestly believe I have made that much clear. As a fan of the ninjas, I amde it a point to pick up Noob Saibot in the dying days of KB Toys. My mistake. Noob isn't game accurate in terms of colors, although I believe they made a variant that corrected that problem. His arms seem quite stubby and shorter then they should be, and his closed fists don't let him hold the weapons he comes with. The face mold is sadly accurate, I say this because the render it's based off of was never very flattering in the first place. I believe I, like everyone else, prefer Noob in his secondary costume from Deception, you know, the iconic all black look. Looks good. However instead we get a miscolored weird looking ninja which frankly I don't care for. If you can get any other MK...[See More]
3.50 stars from hobbygoblin
Jazware's Mortal kombat line got worse as time went on, to the point where I could pop off a head and the hand would fall off the joint, however, Noob Saibot was a return to the quality of line 1 of the Mortal kombat Deception figures, by this I mean he can survive falls and removal of removable limbs. Any, not sure whether this is the variant or the regular, but his paint job is strange. His suit is grey and his mask is black, his costume in Deception was black with a grey mask, however since the released a repaint I'll let it slide. Overall, Noob has some greate poses he can be put in, and his articulation is pretty similar to DC Universe Classics, which is by no means a bad thing, I just wish he was as solid, by that I mean that his limbs can slide around and can get pretty loose over...[See More]
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