Cyborg Superman / Mongul
DC Universe Universe DC Universe Classics 2-Packs Cyborg Superman / Mongul
Name:Cyborg Superman / Mongul
Series:DC Universe Classics
Manufacturer #:N3893
Year Released:2009
UPC:0 27084 66788 2
Character Profiles:Mongul, Superman
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HEIGHT: Cyborg Superman: 6 inches / Mongul: 6½ inches

Cyborg Superman: BIOGRAPHY — Hank Henshaw was exposed to cosmic radiation when his space shuttle crashed. Over time his body started to rapidly deteriorate. As his physical body expired, he was able to transfer his consciousness into a computer mainframe and mentally travel through space. Arriving on a distant planet, he recruited Mongul as part of a plan for revenge against Superman. STATISTICS — REAL NAME: Hank Henshaw / OCCUPATION: Mass murderer / BASE OF OPERATIONS: Terran solar system / FIRST APPEARANCE: Adventures of Superman #466 (May 1990) / SPECIAL SKILLS: Can control electronics and create new bodies for himself from machinery, almost impossible to kill.

Mongul: BIOGRAPHY — A ruthless conqueror who roams the universe in his planet-sized Warworld. For amusement, Mongul stages gladiator games with slaves that inhabit this world. After capturing Superman and forcing him into the gladiator pits, Superman refused to finish off his opponent. Mongul himself then decided to put an end to Superman but was defeated. Later Mongul joined forces with Cyborg Superman to seek revenge on the Man of Steel. STATISTICS — REAL NAME: Mongul / OCCUPATION: Despotic conqueror / BASE OF OPERATIONS: Warworld / FIRST APPEARANCE: Action Comics Annual #2 (May 1989) / SPECIAL SKILLS: Incredible strength, impervious to bodily harm.
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Reviews of Cyborg Superman / Mongul Toy Series
4.00 stars from pock63
I picked up this pack a while ago at toys r us. Both figures looked nice in the packaging but once I opened them up I found out that Mongul was the only good figure in the pack. Cyborg Superman is very badly constructed in just about every way. Most of the metal parts on him are just glued on top of some old dc superheroes superman molds. Also his paint job is sloppy and the coller of red on his boot doesn't match the red on his waist! As fore his joints they are standard DCU joints except his right shoulder has restricted movement because of the metal piece they added on. If you want a cyborg superman the killwog series one looks much better. It has a different left leg and a much better paint job. The mongul from the two pack is much better than the Superman. The sculpt on Mongul is...[See More]
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