Superman vs. Brainiac: Clash in the Cosmos
DC Universe Classics 2-Packs Superman vs. Brainiac: Clash in the Cosmos
Name:Superman vs. Brainiac: Clash in the Cosmos
Series:DC Universe Classics
Manufacturer #:P1598
Year Released:2009
UPC:0 27084 72786 9
Character Profiles:Brainiac, Superman
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HEIGHT: Superman: 6 inches / Brainiac: 5½ inches

Brainiac: BIOGRAPHY — Vril Dox served as Scientist Prime for his technologically advanced home world of Colu. When he tried to take over the planet, he was punished by being disintegrated. His consciousness survived and adopted the identity of Brainiac, setting his sights on assimilating the knowledge and intelligence of all cultures in the universe, and then eradicating them. Brainiac has destroyed hundreds of worlds, including Superman's home, planet Krypton. STATISTICS — REAL NAME: Vril Dox / OCCUPATION: Scientist, Conqueror, Collector / BASE OF OPERATIONS: Mobile / FIRST APPEARANCE: Action Comics #242 (July 1958) / SPECIAL SKILLS: Superior intelligence, unparalleled knowledge of the universe and its cultures, able to control and manipulate machinery.
Superman: BIOGRAPHY — Rocketed to Earth from the doomed planet Krypton, the infant Kal-El was adopted by the Kent family of Smallville, Kansas. Young Clark Kent grew strong and powerful under the rays of Earth's yellow sun, developing extraordinary super powers. In adulthood, Clark used these abilities as Superman, championing truth, justice and the American way while keeping secret his true identity and acting as a reporter for a great metropolitan newspaper. STATISTICS — REAL NAME: Clark Kent / Kal-El / OCCUPATION: Journalist, Foreign Correspondent, Hero / BASE OF OPERATIONS: Metropolis / FIRST APPEARANCE: Action Comics #1 (June 1939) / SPECIAL SKILLS: Super strength, speed, invulnerability, flight, heat vision, X-ray vision and freezing breath.
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3.00 stars from playercustoms
Okay.probaly the 2-pack not to get.The superman is complete reuse.The head is from eradicator from wave 5.The body is from superman from wave 6.It's not bad.....but mattel could certainly give us omething new.the brainiac sculpt feature some new elements.notalbly the head,collar and that's it. The sculpt on the head is pretty good .has a calm face as brainiac always has.The main problem certainly is the paint.The shirt has different purple on it.What a disaster! Overll, both figures have standard range of movement and if youwant a classic brainiac all so badly.By the brainac loose on evilbay and repaint him yourself.The superman is pass unless you are a die hard superman fan and you musthave one with heatvision eyes...[See More]
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