Star Wars Universe Star Wars - Power of the Force II Red Card Stormtrooper
Series:Star Wars - Power of the Force II
Subseries:Red Card
Manufacturer #:521789.00
Year Released:1995
Height:4 inches
UPC:0 76281 69575 4
Age Range:4 & Up
Genres:Movies, Sci-Fi
Character Profiles:Stormtrooper
User Collections:15 Users

Height: 1.8 meters average
Status: Imperial Shock Troops
Classification: Human
Affiliation: Galactic Empire
Weapon of Choice: Imperial Issue Blaster

Feared throughout the galaxy, stormtroopers are elite shock troops deployed in support of both ground forces and the Imperial fleet. Stormtroopers are unquestionably loyal to the Empire, and their unshakable military discipline has led to speculation that they may be the result of accelerated Imperial cloning experiments, although this has never been confirmed.

The armored spacesuits worn by standard stormtroopers give them the ability to operate in almost any environment and offer limited protection from blaster fire. The white outer shell consists of 18 snap together pieces which form an anti-blaster cocoon, and includes a self-contained power source. Underneath this armor is a black, two piece temperature controlled body-glove. The protective helmets feature polarized lenses and communication units that allow troopers to maintain communication with each other and with their commanders. Also outfitted to the armor is a compartmentalized utility belt, which houses a spare comlink, rations and batteries, plus specialized survival equipment. Standard issue weapons include hand blasters and blaster cannons, grenades, mini proton torpedoes and laser cutting devices - easily the most fearsome personal arsenal in all the Empire.
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Reviews of Stormtrooper Toy Series
4.75 stars from Mr-X
The dreaded Imperial Stormtrooper, foot soldier of the soulless Empire. Another figure from the '95 Star Wars series. Standing at 3.75 inches, the Stormtrooper makes for a good infantry man. Along with his white armor, the Stormtrooper also comes with two weapons. The first weapons is the blaster, the standard Stormtrooper weapon and also the most common weapon seen in the original Star Wars movies. The second weapon is a blaster rifle, a bigger, more dangerous gun that also features a strap to be slung over the Stormtroopers shoulder. Both weapons can be hold in either of the Stormtroopers hands as both hands are in an open, ready to hold position. The Stormtrooper features an easy, but well done paint job. The armor is the classic faceless white as is most of the helmet. The troopers...[See More]
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