TIE Fighter Pilot
Star Wars Universe Star Wars - Power of the Force II Red Card TIE Fighter Pilot
Name:TIE Fighter Pilot
Series:Star Wars - Power of the Force II
Subseries:Red Card
Manufacturer #:527597.00
Year Released:1997
Height:4 inches
UPC:0 76281 69673 7
Age Range:4 & Up
Genres:Movies, Sci-Fi
Character Profiles:TIE Fighter Pilot
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Height: 1.7 meters
Status: Imperial Pilot
Classification: Human
Affiliation: Galactic Empire
Weapon of Choice: Imperial Issue Blaster Pistol
Vehicle of Choice: Twin Ion Engine (TIE) Fighter

With its vast space fleet, the Imperial Navy is a model of military efficiency. The best pilots in its ranks are rigorously trained to use to use highly maneuverable and heavily armed Twin Ion Engine (TIE) fighters. The small ships are used to both attack - and defend against - Rebel forces.

Unlike the stormtroopers, TIE pilots wear black plastisteel protective armor over an insulated high-gravity body glove. Their reinforced helmet features polarized lenses, a navigational computerlink-up screen, a vocoder, and breathing filters. Two gas transfer hoses connect from the helmet to a chestplate control unit which contains an emergency atmospheric unit and control switches for the armor functions. Tightly sealed wrist gauntlets allow dexterity in handling TIE Fighter controls, while positive-gravity pressure boots keep the pilot well anchored even in zero-gravity situations.

TIE fighter pilots are often brash and cocky, believing they hold tremendous power in their hands each time they take control of their craft. Taught to be the best, many believe they are the best. That overconfidence has ended more than a few careers, as Rebel Pilots have proven them wrong in battles above the Death Star battle station and elsewhere. Despite their elite ranking within the Navy, TIE Fighter pilots are seen as a replaceable resource by the Empire. Their ships are not equipped with ejection systems, nor much life-support equipment. As with all servants of the Empire, fighter squads are trained to willingly offer their lives in support of Emperor Palpatine's commands and decrees.
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Reviews of TIE Fighter Pilot Toy Series
5.00 stars from Mr-X
Heres yet another awesome trooper figure, this time in the form of the Imp pilot, operators of the TIE fighter squads. Like all the other trooper figures, he stands at 3.75 inches and isn't in a stuck leaning position. I suppose this was specially designed to fit in the TIE vehicle, which he fits nice and snug into. He comes with two weapons, a blaster and a weird giant blaster rifle of which I couldn't find so it wasn't in the picture. He follows the movie style to a T. Since hes not in any armor he looks skinnier then the standard troopers, something that turned out well here. He's wearing his flight uniform which is painted a gloss black. His flight helmet is also glossy and the life support has its own blue and red painted buttons. Both of his weapons are painted a flat black...[See More]
Subseries from Star Wars - Power of the Force II Toy Series
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