Storm Shadow (Desert Battle)
G.I. Joe - Pursuit of Cobra Wave 1 Storm Shadow (Desert Battle)
Name:Storm Shadow (Desert Battle)
Series:G.I. Joe - Pursuit of Cobra
Subseries:Wave 1
Year Released:2010
Height:4 inches
UPC:6 5356 95224 9
Age Range:4 & Up
Genres:Cartoons, Military
Character Profiles:Storm Shadow
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"Storm Shadow is a ninja mercenary who works for Cobra. As the battle rages, he hunts for Snake Eyes, the GI Joe ninja and his sworn enemy. The Cobra martial arts master is prepared for battle in samurai desert armor and armed with connectable katana swords and a Manrikigusari chain weapon.

Mission Equipment: Hand-forged steel heirloom katana sword."

This figure includes a small poster advertising the Pursuit of Cobra series, as well as a display base and sheath for his four connectable katana blades, as well as four shuriken throwing stars, a Manrikigusari chain weapon, tiger claws, two short connectable blades, and a scarf, as well as twenty-four points of articulation.

In the IDW GI Joe Comics, Storm Shadow is Snake Eyes' blood brother and is taught martial arts by his own uncle in the Arashikage ninja clan. Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes were rivals in this clan. Storm Shadow's name is revealed to be Thomas Arashikage. Zartan, a Cobra assassin, mistakes the Hard Master of Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes for Snake Eyes, who he is attempting to assassinate, and shoots Hard Master instead, killing him. Storm Shadow sees this and leaves to pursue Zartan, but does not succeed and is blamed for the murder of Hard Master, without even finding out that Zartan had done it. Snake Eyes joins GI Joe and Storm Shadow joins Cobra, moving up through the ranks until he becomes Cobra Commander's bodyguard and is able to find out that Zartan killed Hard Master. He then allies with Snake Eyes once again.
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5.00 stars from BobTheEgg
This figure is so well designed and so detailed that it just figures I had to order it online. Never have found it in a store since then. He comes with 4 swords and they can connect to be double bladed--how awesome is THAT? And plus, the whole thing is a new look for Storm Shadow with the turban and Manrikigusari chain weapon and all that. One of the thing I admire is the way they did the throwing stars. They go on his legs and never fall off unless you take them off. Plus, he's got this big sheath on his back for all the swords, and a little slot in the back for the shorter blades. He always needs a weapon in his hands, so it's fitting that everything can be stored except the tiger claws, so he can be ready to fight Snake Eyes at anytime in case there is an ambush or something. Also,...[See More]
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