Major Bludd / Rock Viper
G.I. Joe Universe G.I. Joe - A Real American Hero Series 1 Major Bludd / Rock Viper
Name:Major Bludd / Rock Viper
Series:G.I. Joe - A Real American Hero
Subseries:Series 1
Year Released:2000
Genres:Cartoons, Military
Character Profiles:Major Bludd, Rock Viper
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Major Bludd

Bludd received initial military training in the Australian Special Air Service. Later joined the French Foreign Legion. Worked as military advisor in a number of countries and is currently wanted for crimes in Rhodesia and Libya. Proficient with every form of infantry weapon in current use. Bludd has a tactical mind like a steel trap. Qualified Expert: All NATO and Warsaw Pact small arms.

Rock Viper

Rock Vipers scramble up a mountain crag as easily as the rest of us can stroll across a deserted street. And they do it so stealthily that it's almost impossible to detect their movements. The higher the mountain, the better they like it. More altitude means more room for pranks to a Rock Viper! They think nothing of slicing a fellow Viper's safety line, or dulling the point of his climbing pick, just for laughs. Of course, laughing would be easier if they weren't at 1700 feet elevation and gasping for air! Laughter echoes a long way up-or down! But it's no laughing matter for the G. I. Joe team if the Rock Vipers capture the high ground!
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Subseries from G.I. Joe - A Real American Hero Toy Series
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