Wet-Suit / Wet Down
G.I. Joe Universe G.I. Joe - A Real American Hero Series 2 Wet-Suit / Wet Down
Name:Wet-Suit / Wet Down
Series:G.I. Joe - A Real American Hero
Subseries:Series 2
Year Released:2001
Genres:Cartoons, Military
Character Profiles:Wet Down, Wet-Suit
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Wet Down

Adventure is nothing new to Wet Down. Growing up near the naval installation at Norfolk, Virginia, Wet Down often tried to sneak on the base just to get a better look at the ships. Immediately after high school graduation - still wearing his cap and gown - Wet Down rushed to the recruitment office and signed on the dotted line before the recruiter even finished his spiel. Boot camp was a day at the beach for Wet Down. He excelled in everything he did and graduated with top honors. He sailed through the BUD/S (Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL program) to become the youngest S.E.A.L. in the Navy. That's when the G. I. Joe team took notice and assigned him to head amphibious assault operations. Here's a guy who just can't wait to get his feet wet, again and again. Unfortunately for him, his enthusiasm for seaborne attack procedures is not shared by his land-lubber team mates.


He's smart as a whip, quick as a deer, and mean to the bone. Best to stay out of his way, even on a good day. Probably the reason why he's a SEAL-he has the personality of a wet fish. No wonder the Navy keeps their SEALS locked up below decks until something bad becomes worse. That's when they're in their element and they all get dumped in the soup on a rubber raft with a knife, a gun, and all the ammo and explosives they can carry. Doesn't matter how fast their target is moving-they get it every time. Wet-Suit may just be the roughest, and most precise, one of the bunch. Even the most frightful sea creatures run for cover when Wet-Suit hits their turf. He's wild and unruly-but he's simply the best at what he does.
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Subseries from G.I. Joe - A Real American Hero Toy Series
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