Wet-Suit vs. Cobra Moray (Black)
G.I. Joe Universe G.I. Joe vs. Cobra Basic Series Wet-Suit vs. Cobra Moray (Black)
Name:Wet-Suit vs. Cobra Moray (Black)
Series:G.I. Joe vs. Cobra
Subseries:Basic Series
Manufacturer #:53133
Year Released:2002
Height:4 inches
Genres:Cartoons, Military
Character Profiles:Cobra Moray, Wet-Suit
User Collections:3 Users

WET-SUIT has been called "the nastiest combination of shark, eel, and stingray that you can think of." He was trained as a S.E.A.L., the toughest training in the Navy, and is an expert in marine operations and demolitions. He is not known for his social graces-you wouldn't catch him chatting with guys in three-piece suits about the latest Broadway play, but when you need someone who can take out a COBRA underwater base with just some fishing line and a knife, then he's your guy. In the Atlantis Battle, he stormed Cobra Island and destroyed a marine assault plan that COBRA MORAY had been planning for years. Because of that, he is now the top target for COBRA MORAY's next attack.

"Just give me the target and get me under the waves so I can stop those slimy buckets of fishbait!"

COBRA MORAY is codename for the COBRA's elite underwater forces. They are handpicked from the best and meanest of the COBRA EELs. The COBRA MORAY are genetically reconstructed to increase their strength and improve their underwater abilities. Now the COBRA MORAY can go where the COBRA EELs can't and can conduct even worse acts of sabotage. The COBRA MORAY have destroyed marine shipping channels, stormed G. I. JOE coastal bases, and caused a lot of misery for anyone who brushes fins with them. WET-SUIT ruined one of their major undersea attacks, and it angers them that an "ordinary guy" could outsmart the COBRA MORAY.

"Our strength and skills make us the most dominant predators in the ocean."
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Subseries from G.I. Joe vs. Cobra Toy Series
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