Sure Fire vs. Cobra Slice
G.I. Joe Universe G.I. Joe vs. Cobra Basic Series Sure Fire vs. Cobra Slice
Name:Sure Fire vs. Cobra Slice
Series:G.I. Joe vs. Cobra
Subseries:Basic Series
Year Released:2002
Height:4 inches
Genres:Cartoons, Military
Character Profiles:Slice, Sure Fire
User Collections:3 Users

The evil acts of COBRA are many, and the United States military needs a specially trained force to get all the information they can about COBRA. SURE FIRE is a special agent for the Army's Criminal Investigation Division. At the CID, SURE FIRE is part of the Military Police, trained to look into criminal activities and stop them. He grew up in a rough neighborhood and saw a lot of serious criminal acts. Those experiences made him determined to defend the rights of others at all costs. He went to the U.S. Army Military Police School and completed specialized training. Now he has joined the G. I. JOE team and is dedicated to fighting criminals as an arm of the law and a soldier on the battlefield. In one investigation, SURE FIRE came up against COBRA SLICE. His finely honed military and police skills got the better of the sword-wielding ninja-and made him COBRA SLICE's bitter enemy.

"If evil is being done anywhere in the world, I'll find out about it-and stop it."

Captured COBRA documents indicate that COBRA SLICE may be a renegade ninja from the same clan as STORM SHADOW. It is believed that COBRA SLICE created his own evil sword technique by observing the battle strategies of scorpions and adapting the movements into a backhand sword slash that he calls the "Scorpion Slash." He's an expert with all edged weapons, small hand guns, and explosives, and he works with the other COBRA ninjas to form assault teams. COBRA SLICE is usually found in his martial arts studio, practicing his already perfect moves. He was humiliated when he fought SURE FIRE from the G. I. Joe team-and lost. He lives for the day when he'll meet SURE FIRE again, and this time he'll teach him a lesson he won't forget.

"I far no mortal man in face-to-face combat, but my sword cuts easiest from behin
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