Crimson Strike Team
G.I. Joe Universe G.I. Joe - A Real American Hero Series 3 - Box Sets Crimson Strike Team
Name:Crimson Strike Team
Series:G.I. Joe - A Real American Hero
Subseries:Series 3 - Box Sets
Year Released:2002
Height:4 inches
Genres:Cartoons, Military
Character Profiles:Baroness, Crimson Viper, Tomax, Xamot
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The BARONESS has never made a move that has not been calculated to achieve one primary goal-her own self interest. The formation of the Crimson Strike Team exemplifies this behavior. In alliance with TOMAX and XAMOT, she formed an elite squad of VIPERS loyal only to its founders. Financial incentives provided by the Crimson Twins coupled with the powerful brainwashing of the BARONESS have created two lethal squads of Crimson infantry troopers, one squad led by TOMAX and the other by his brother XAMOT. By all outward appearances, the COBRA VIPERS are all that is desired by COBRA COMMANDER-powerful, lethal, greedy, and loyal to the COBRA cause of dominating the world! Yet the BARONESS has utilized her almost siren-like hypnotic techniques to train the VIPERS to obey only herself and if it meets her needs, the crimson twins. Brains and ambition are admirable attributes. However, when mixed with insatiable greed and a deep lust for power, the result can be lethal. BARONESS is that result. The Crimson Strike Team provides the lethal means to achieve her desired maniacal ends.


"TOMAX and his twin brother, XAMOT, are the sinister partners keeping COBRA COMMANDER from going bankrupt. However, their years of serving under him had not given them the total financial independence or the full range of power they desired. In a risky venture, they formed a secret alliance with the BARONESS. Using the candidates she selects from within COBRA, they have steadily amassed an army of COBRA VIPERS-loyal only to their cause. Each infantry trooper must be summarily "written-off" the books as casualties of war before they can be recruited into the Crimson Strike Team. This ambitious operation allows the Crimson Twins to operate right under the noses of the COBRA hierarchy. TOMAX shares command of the strike force with his brother. Splitting the unit into squads, they attack any target opposing their corporate takeovers. This allows not only the taking of one building, but also the ability to take an entire city block."


"COBRA VIPERS have always been the backbone of the COBRA Legions. But taken from their ranks are troopers who have been recruited into the Crimson Strike Team-an elite group of shock troops and bodyguards loyal only to the secret cabal formed by the BARONESS and TOMAX & XAMOT. They are hand-selected not only for their superior skills and ruthless efficiency, but also for their overwhelming greed. Untraceable financial incentives from the Crimson Twins, and brainwashing from the BARONESS, ensure their unswerving loyalty-even to the point of following the orders of the treacherous trio in direct opposition of COBRA COMMANDER himself. These COBRA VIPERS are ready to lay down their lives for the BARONESS and their Crimson Commanders, if not out of fanaticism then for the substantial mission bonuses!

"Although they are not artificially enhanced like COBRA NEO-VIPERS, the COBRA VIPERS of the Crimson Strike Team are no less formidable. their hand-to-hand combat training renders them so deadly that weapons and armor are virtually unnecessary. Nonetheless, they carry specially modified Viper gear: assault rifles, a wide variety of small arms, the latest energy-displacing body armor, and helmets with built-in night vision visors and radio telecommunications gear (specifically tuned to their crimson commander's secret frequencies)."

"We attack like a crimson tide washing over the battlefield, leaving only destruction in our wake."


"Using their Extensive Enterprises corporation, XAMOT and his twin brother, TOMAX, provide legal aid to COBRA by waging war with lawsuits and fighting legal battles in their executive boardrooms. The brothers are mirror images of one another except for the scar on XAMOT's face, acquired while serving in the Foreign Legion. It was this scar that finally propelled XAMOT to exchange his machine gun for a briefcase, ultimately creating two of the most fearsome mercenaries and allies to the COBRA Organization. After years of covering up the vast amounts of money spent by COBRA COMMANDER, they formulated a plot to gain far greater resources for themselves. With the help of the BARONESS, they formed the Crimson Strike Team made up of the best infantry soldiers COBRA has to offer (or take in this case). XAMOT shares command of the strike force with his brother. He uses his squad specifically for sabotage operations and raids on companies that conflict with their own private business ventures."
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