Dusty vs. Desert Cobra C.L.A.W.S.
G.I. Joe vs. Cobra Basic Series Dusty vs. Desert Cobra C.L.A.W.S.
Name:Dusty vs. Desert Cobra C.L.A.W.S.
Series:G.I. Joe vs. Cobra
Subseries:Basic Series
Year Released:2002
Height:4 inches
Genres:Cartoons, Military
Character Profiles:Desert C.L.A.W.S., Dusty
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COBRA C.L.A.W.S. are COBRA's new elite troops. They can take a lot of punishment and dish out even more. Suited up in specialized armor and packing heavy weapons, they move quickly into position to disable any G. I. JOE vehicle that stands in their way. The DESERT COBRA C.L.A.W.S. have technology to help them survive in the hottest, driest regions of the world–special suits with heat-deflection insulation and a body-cooling system. That means they can hide out where no one will find them, until it's time to strike. But they can't hide from G. I. JOE Team member DUSTY. He's tracked down their remote, hidden camps and crushed their evil plans, making him their number one enemy.

"We can survive in places where even rocks melt in the heat. The G. I. JOE team can never beat us."

The U.S. Army must be equipped to fight for American values in any climate. To do that, they have trained a special breed of soldier: desert infantry soldiers who rigorously train in the harshest conditions. They brave blazing sun and freezing cold to carry out their objectives. DUSTY is no stranger to hardship, as danger is everywhere in the desert landscape: snakes, scorpions, dust storms, and the extremes in temperature from day to night. These perils might test the resolve of the common soldier, but as for DUSTY, they only strengthen his determination to hunt down and defeat the evil forces of COBRA. He is especially determined to stop desert-equipped COBRA C.L.A.W.S., nasty troopers whose toughness is exceeded only by DUSTY's ability to find them wherever they may hide.

"Training to be a soldier is the toughest task you'll ever take on, but it's also the greates

Subseries from G.I. Joe vs. Cobra Toy Series
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