Minotaur General Xetheus (2006 SDCC)
Seventh Kingdom Universe Seventh Kingdom The Mynothecean 7 Minotaur General Xetheus (2006 SDCC)
Name:Minotaur General Xetheus (2006 SDCC)
Series:Seventh Kingdom
Subseries:The Mynothecean 7
Manufacturer:Four Horsemen
Year Released:2006
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Xetheus: Champion of Mynothecea

The mighty Minotaur known as Xetheus was once called Memmnonn. Memmnonn's dedication to bringing peace to the kingdoms was so great that he freely gave up his life during the splitting of the lands. The sun lord Xemnoss, the most powerful of the elementals, was so moved by the selfless act that he granted Memmnonn immortality and renamed him Xetheus - son of Xemnoss. Xetheus is now a champion whose power is unrivaled by even the greatest heroes of myth and legend. He founded the capital city of Mynothecea in the center of his native kingdom of Animynthus. Xetheus and his mighty Mynothecean Minotaur warriors have dedicated themselves to overseeing and defending the land that he has been spared to protect.

This is a must have for any Greek or Roman Mythology fan. His blue fur and red eyes make you think you have been lost in the maze of Minus and just run into the maddest meanest creature that a god has ever dreamed up. No vampire or werewolf would want to run into this mean bovine. And here you are face to face with it. As it snorts down a musty breathe at you; its time to run.

This is the first of the Four Horsemen's fan creation series. Xetheus stands at 7.5" tall he has 28 POA. He has been expertly sculpted every inch of this fig shows the detail we have come to expect from the Four Horsemen from his very bovine hoofs too his longhorn steer horns. Speaking of the hooves and horns the hooves are thick and cracked, but the horns feel smooth. The fur on the body is short and fuzzy, but it really gets thick around his ankles. This Fig comes with 3 accessories a small mace that has the appearance of a Mayan sun god as its helm. It's a totemic representation of Xemnoss! A dual bladed, katar; and the piece de résistance, a double inverted blade scythe that can be split in two to either fit in his hands or serve as separate weapons. This is one well armed Minotaur.

Most of the armor is separately cast and includes a Grecian style tunic and a chest plate and a belt. The chest plate for Xetheus is different from all other Mynothecean's as it has a beautiful Sun burst emblem that has the appearance of an almost Mayan sun god that is for this minotaur an iconic version of Xemnoss . His tunic is made of rubber but is also custom to him as it has small shields cast into it 6 in total that make this warrior appear more than a formidable foe of any Greek or Roman. His Belt also unique to him has as well it has two daggers and a small buckler style shield cast onto it dangling from the main belt like a Scottish sporran. The belt also has a loop designed to hold the small club that comes with the figure. The cow skull on his back holds his weapons, and the spikes on his shoulders are patterned after a bovine's jawbone.
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