Dalek (Black)
Doctor Who Universe Doctor Who (Character Options) Series 7 Dalek (Black)
Name:Dalek (Black)
Series:Doctor Who (Character Options)
Subseries:Series 7
Manufacturer:Character Options
Year Released:2013
UPC:5 02973 604872 3
Age Range:5 & Up
Genres:Sci-Fi, TV Series
User Collections:1 Users

This Dalek, who goes by the name of Dalek Sec, is leader of the 'cult of skaro.' a group of 4 Daleks created by the Emperor to ensure the survival of the Daleks, the cults imagination and initiative had not been removed like most Daleks meaning imaginative ways to ensure their survival were thought up. First seen in the episodes Army of Ghosts/ Doomsday series 2, Dalek sec appeared in another two parter in Daleks in Manhattan/ Evolution of the Daleks in series 3. Sec, thinking he and the rest of the cult were the last of the Daleks, merged himslef with a human as in is words "humans always survive." This hybrid could now feel human emotions and felt sympathy for them even working with the Doctor to help his species survive. The rest of the cult conspired against sec as they saw his human emotions as a weakness. After capturing Dalek Sec they failed to kill the Doctor and he escaped. Up to this point the Daleks had been kidnapping homeless people off the streets of Manhattan to create Dalek/Human army with no emotions. To do this they needed a precision lightning bolt on the top of the empire state building which was now in the process of being built for this sole purpose. The Doctor in an attempt to stop the army from being created climbed to the top to the four Dalekanium (Dalek metal)slats that had been positioned on the spire of the building.The Doctors attempt failed as he only managed to remove a few slats before the lightning struck throwing him to the floor below. With the help of Martha to restart one of his hearts the Doctor survived and went to confront the rest of the cult in an old Manhattan theatre. The Human/Dalek army surrounded the Doctor as the Daleks with chained Dalek sec stand centre stage. The Daleks exterminate the Dalek sec hybrid and order the army to Kill the Doctor and Martha which the army mutter the words "why?" Much to the Daleks surprise the Army contained part Dalek (from the Dalekanium) and part timelord DNA (from the Doctor). A battle between the Daleks on stage and the army takes place with one Dalek fleeing the scene and the others dying. The army die at once after being removed from their Dalek parents. The Doctor and Martha return to the Daleks hideout to find a fled Dalek Khan. After a few last words with the Doctor, the Dalek requests and emergency temporal shift sending him across time and space to random destination, it is later revealed, to be the time war in which he manages to save Davros before he was devoured by the Nightmare Child. This Figure was at first a chase variant reaching more than 5x its RRP on auction sites, it was later released along with other variants in the 1st wave over in America as a variant wave. It is still relatively rare in England.
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Subseries from Doctor Who (Character Options) Toy Series
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