T-16 Skyhopper (Luke Skywalker's)
Star Wars Universe Star Wars - Power of the Force II Vehicles T-16 Skyhopper (Luke Skywalker's)
Name:T-16 Skyhopper (Luke Skywalker's)
Series:Star Wars - Power of the Force II
Year Released:1996
Genres:Movies, Sci-Fi
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Model: Incom T-16 Skyhopper
Top Speed: 1200 KM Per Hour (500 KM Per Hour In Open Air Mode)
Affiliation: Rebel Alliance
Crew: 1 Pilot
Weapons: Pneumatic Cannon

Luke Skywalker spent a lot of time flying his T-16 skyhopper, a pleasure and utility airspeeder, during his youth on Tatooine. The skyhopper's cockpit is modeled directly after that of the fearsome T-65 X-wing starfighters (they are both manufactured by Incom), which helped Luke during his abrupt transition towards becoming a Rebel pilot capable of handling the high-powered X-wings. Luke's T-16 was a high-end model fitted with a belly-mounted laser cannon and stereoscopic laser sighting device that allowed Skywalker to bullseye womp rats while speeding through Tatooine's Beggar's Canyon at a cool 900 km per hour.

This one-person craft utilizes a standard anti-grav generator for lift and a single ion engine for propulsion. The anti-grav generator has an altitude ceiling in excess of 275 kilometers - high for most airspeeders - and a top speed of 1200 km per hour. As a result of its tri-foil, folding wing arrangement and advanced steering system, the T-16 can make incredibly sharp, high-speed turns and can climb vertically at will.

The cockpit of the T-16 separates entirely from the main body of the craft for easy maintenance of otherwise hard-to-reach instruments. One day while working on the ship, Luke ingeniously decided to fit the detaching cockpit with small repulsors, thrusters and steering vanes to create a fully flyable and highly maneuverable open-air escape craft. Furthermore, he developed a release mechanism which allows the cockpit to be ejected from the main body of the T-16 while still in flight. During this mode, the T-16's bulk can land automatically or sustain its flight by an auto-pilot feature, creating a truly effective escape vehicle.

- Detachable Cockpit
- Pivoting Laser Cannon
- Firing Missile
- Multi-Position Wings on Both Vehicles
- Sticker Sheet
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Reviews of T-16 Skyhopper (Luke Skywalker's) Toy Series
4.00 stars from Mr-X
The T-16 Skyhopper (Luke Skywalker's) figure is one of those figures that defines irrelevancy in my opinion. It was mentioned in one sentence, might have been part of the background for a few seconds and we STILL got a figure that wasn’t the greatest. Now lets move on to the rest of my annoyance. I believe they really screwed this one up in more ways then one. Two of the three features are pretty much useless. Ill report them anyhow, starting with the most useful. The first is the wings, something they did right. These buggers actually fold in a variety of ways. They can either be at 90, 45 or just about and other degree you can think of up to about 180. Folding wings are nice, makes easy storage. Here’s where we run bad, the cockpit. The cockpit is one of those pull out deals. It plugs...[See More]
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