Storm Toad Trooper
Bucky O'Hare Universe Bucky O'Hare Bad Guys Storm Toad Trooper
Name:Storm Toad Trooper
Series:Bucky O'Hare
Subseries:Bad Guys
Manufacturer #:07294
Year Released:1990
Height:5 inches
Age Range:4 & Up
Genres:Cartoons, Sci-Fi
User Collections:11 Users
User Wishlists:6 Users

Name: Storm Toad Trooper
Title / Rating: Laser Fodder for the evil Toad Army
Weapons of Choice: Toad Phlem Laser Rifle

Legions of aggressive and mindless Storm Toad Troopers serves as the perfect grunts for the insane computer planet, Komplex. Their sole mission is to plunder the Aniverse of is raw materials in order to resupply and expand the memory banks of Komplex. For all their aggressive bravado, there is only one thing in the Aniverse that instills fears into the most cold hearted trooper… the Betelgeusian Berserker Baboon.

At one time, Toads were a rather harmless species, raised identically in Tad-Eat-Tad Swamp-Pit Nurseries, and when older, were only interested in acquiring more shoddily manufactured consumer goods than their neighbors. Now, because of their basic traits of greed and insensitivity, and their consistent viewing of obedience inducing Toad TV, they are drafted without question into Storm Trooper service. A Storm Toad's primary desires are to conquer a planet, and then watch Toad TV while feasting on Larvae-Lite and Nouvelle Maggots.
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Subseries from Bucky O'Hare Toy Series
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