DC Super Heroes (Mattel) Series 2 Superman
Series:DC Super Heroes (Mattel)
Subseries:Series 2
Manufacturer #:30285
Year Released:2006
Height:7 inches
UPC:0 27084 30285 1
Age Range:4 & Up
Character Profiles:Superman
User Collections:2 Users

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Reviews of Superman Toy Series
4.50 stars from Collector1
Launched from the distant planet of Krypton, the young Kal-El escaped death moments before the ancient planet was blown apart by a terrific explosion! Kal-El landed on a Kansas roadside and was discovered by Jonathan and Martha Kent, who adopted the alien child and raised him as their own. Upon reaching adult hood, Clark Kent as he had been renamed, discovered he had many an incredible power thanks to the rays of the yellow star Earth orbited. Deciding to use his powers to help the world, he dawned a costume and became Superman! Mattel, in its second wave of DC Super Hero action figures, releases a line based upon the first, and greatest, superhero. Superman is dressed in his regular costume, blue body suit, red cape, boots, and shorts, and a yellow belt. Superman's cape is very long,...[See More]
4.90 stars from Dr Nightmare
You've got to keep the kids happy, and by "kids" I mean the large hairy men who buy action figures, so DC said "YES! YE MEN SHALL HAVETH THINE WISHES!" And so they bequeathed upon us these multi-articulated DC Super Heroes figures! Supes stands 6 1/4 inches (and a little taller if you count his hair) so he's actually in-scale with the Marvel Legends figures! The body's muscle is lean and moderated for the most part, not over-hulking like previous Superman figures. The chest-symbol is crisply painted but the paint-job on the yellow belt is a little crude. As always, paint-quality will vary so check before you buy. The blue parts are blue plastic to start with so you don't have to worry about paint chipping, the red parts look painted but they have the same tough-to-damage look about them....[See More]
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